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The secrets of online marketing

The magic of Social Media

Never before have there been so many ways to reach your customers.  You've probably heard of social media as one example, and may even be signed up to a few networking sites.

It can all seem a bit time consuming monitoring what people are saying - but only if you don't know the magic spells that make social media marketing effective.

Far from having to take up more of your time, when you know the magic of social media you'll see a world of opportunity that will turn that time-eating frog into a lead generating prince!

With The Sourcerer by your side, you can:

  • Learn the skills you need to use social networking sites to your advantage and maximise your online profile
  • Learn how popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook can help you build up a client base, and best of all promote you via word of mouth
  • Discover quick and effective ways to monitor your responses and update your status so that it won't take over your life.

With one-to-one consultancy, you can have the knowledge to use social media as part of your business's online marketing strategy, and if you have any questions you can always call on The Sourcerer to help.

If you want to discover how social media can generate business for you, call The Sourcerer on 020 8938 3514 or send an email.



"Shelley works magic. She's helped me identify a great social media strategy and I'll be starting it asap to give me profile and build awareness of what I do. My only question, How could she be so patient with me? Don't know, but glad she was. Brilliant." - Ivan Newman, Living Inside the Brand

" Shelley has a friendly and informative style and an ability to explain things in a manner that makes them easy to grasp without feeling that I should have known it all along.  Oh yes, The Sourcerer made it fun too!" John Parker, Network Marketing

"Shelley is very efficient and worth every penny. She explained everything easily to me enabling me to use various programs moving forward. Shelley made it such a breeze and it has really helped my business". Lisa Hockley, Postive Mortgage Solutions

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