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Event Management

Wave a magic wand over your events

Organising a successful event, whether it’s personal or in business, takes a big chunk of your time and can involve a lot of work.  Event planning takes time and effort, so if you think it will stretch your already busy schedule, don’t worry.  There's no need to sideline those other important tasks.  You can relieve yourself of the pressure by letting The Sourcerer work her magic to organise your event for you.

Simply discuss your requirements with The Sourcerer and you can trust her to organise a spellbinding event, including:

  • Corporate events: If you have a business in Essex and are looking for corporate event management services, the Sourcerer can help.  Whether it’s for a seminar, a conference, a trade fair or exhibition, a product launch or formal awards dinner, you can be sure it will be impressive, well organised and smooth running with The Sourcerer's bespoke corporate events management service.
  • Personal events: Whether you need a wedding planner, you're organising a birthday party or having a private dinner, you can create a magical day for your friends and family with help from The Sourcerer.

Whatever your event, be it large or small, with extensive professional experience in events management The Sourcerer will complete any aspect of event organising your require to the highest standards - it'll be just like waving a magic wand!

To find out how you can put on a successful event with The Sourcerer or for your free one-hour consultation, call now on 020 8938 3514 or send an email.

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"Being successful in striking a balance between business, personal and family life can be a challenge. In today's society it can be difficult to juggle the demands of everyday life. At Sourcerer we want to readdress the balance and give you the luxury of time to focus on what's important."

Shelley Morris,
Managing Director of Sourcerer