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About me

The Lady with the magic wand

Shelley Morris is the Sourcerer!  After leaving a corporate background from a role as personal assistant at the highest level, she thought that there must be many smaller businesses that needed the same kind of support she supplied in a corporate environment, but didn’t need a full time member of staff.

With bags of organising skill and enthusiasm she launched her business – and her magic has transformed businesses large and small, allowing the business owners to get on with what they’re good at.

“Admin is one of those necessary evils everyone gripes about,” says Shelley with a smile.  “All I do is remove the stress and get the job done, but it’s amazing the difference it makes, people don’t have those essential tasks nagging away at them all the time.”

Shelley doesn’t do everything herself, but has developed a team of trusted service providers that are specialists in what they do.  “I don’t work with anyone I don’t have 110% confidence in.  My clients expect great service and high quality results and it’s not worth compromising my reputation.”

Corporate experience means that Shelley understands how a well-designed system can work perfectly (and what the consequences can be if it doesn’t work at all)!  As a small business owner herself she also understands the challenges of running a business when you’re the managing director, sales executive, service provider, bookkeeper and tea lady!

As a working Mum she’s also very familiar with the requirement to do 10 things at once and do four hours work in half an hour – and remember to pick the kids up from football, ballet or their friend’s house.  This means that she will move heaven and earth to make life easier for you if you ask for concierge services to get your life under control.

Explore the services available or just give Shelley a call on 020 8938 3514 and let her cast her magic spell and get your life organised.

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"Being successful in striking a balance between business, personal and family life can be a challenge. In today's society it can be difficult to juggle the demands of everyday life. At Sourcerer we want to readdress the balance and give you the luxury of time to focus on what's important."

Shelley Morris,
Managing Director of Sourcerer